Our Story

CLVR is a team of cloud, site reliability and software engineers that came together after seeing the challenges that companies face when they build and create new applications. Our expertise is based on decades of IT experience working for TOP software companies.

We provide DevOps, Cloud and Software Development expertise to startups, small and medium enterprises around the globe. We like to create new tools and give advise to CTOs, teams and developers, enabling them to add new business value at scale, in a resilent and fault tolerant platform, bringing stability to your customers while shipping new features and applications.

We love opensource technologies. Our software stack is based on high-class opensource projects, such as Linux, Ansibe, Docker, Kubernetes, the Elastic Stack and Terraform, plus a Cloud Native approach that allows you to innovate anywhere. We work with the major cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and Catalyst Cloud (NZ)

Feel free to contact us via the chat, email us to: or join our Slack Channel for more information.


Cristian Márquez Russo
CTO and Founder