Cloud Native Infrastructure

The Cloud has changed how companies are making business. It has dramastically reduced the costs on IT infrastructure, accelerated provisioning times and increased security, allowing companies to innovate and try new ideas and market opportunities.

But migrating to the Cloud is not easy and can be tricky. A Cloud Infrastructure is required to run your applications and some of them may not have been built with Cloud Computing in mind. These applications needs to be optimized and sometimes rearquitected or even rebuild.

Our approach

We think that the best approach is to implement a Cloud Native strategy that ensures that the effort that you and your team puts into building, deploying and operating your applications is portable across cloud providers and platforms.

To do so, we choose our tech stack very carefully. It consists on open-source technologies such as:

    • Docker Containers
    • Kubernetes
    • Hashicorp Terraform
    • Hashicorp Vault