Kubernetes Consultancy

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open source platform originally built by Google that has changed how companies build and deploy their applications.

It’s an abstraction to IT that enforces that applications are built in a way that exploits the benefits of any Cloud, even on premises environments.

With Kubernetes, you move towards:

  • - DevSecOps

  • - Microservices

  • - Continuous Delivery

  • - Containerization

Why is so important?

Kubernetes acts as a catalyst for Digital Transformations. It provides an unified platform for both Developers and Operations teams. This enhances the implementation of DevOps practices, accelerates releases cycles and reduces the time to market.

Kubernetes also plays a significant role for IT Infrastructure. By packaging applications as containers, we reduce the costs and management overhead of running Virtual Machines.

Our offerings

  • Kubernetes Training
  • Kubernetes Security Consultancy
  • Cloud Native Architecture, Design and Implementation
  • Managed DevOps Solutions