DevOps - Module 2

This module focuses on Containers, Docker and Orchestration Platforms.

Containers Kubernetes
    • Introduction to Containers
    • Introduction to Docker
    • Basic Concepts: images, containers and volumes
    • Installing Docker
    • Docker: Basic Usage
    • Running Docker images
    • Dockerfile
    • Images: how to build, analyse and reutilize docker images
    • Containers: how to build, run and delete containers
    • Docker Registry, DockerHub, Private registries.
    • Multistage builds
    • Docker compose
    • Orchestrating Docker containers
    • Intro to Kubernetes


Hands on Lab:

    • Installing Docker on different systems.
    • Building your first container
    • Dockerfile
    • Docker history and layers
    • Working with volumes


Wanna know more about DevOps? See DevOps Module 1 for more information.